> Leah is a pro level rider and one of the most influential racers on the UK scene

Greenfield Dirt Track's Days On The Dirt visits Spain with star instructor Leah Tokelove

Days on the Dirt is a motorcycle race course with a difference, by specialising in women only training days attendees are given the opportunity to improve their confidence, control and technique on motorcycles through the discipline of flat track, with the aim to be ‘race ready’ by the end of the day. Absolutely all abilities are well suited to Days on the Dirt, from a total beginner, to seasoned motorcycle commuter.

This November and thanks to the continued collaboration between DTRA, Greenfield Dirt Track and Noyes Camp, this exclusive two day course is coming to Spain. The star instructor and founder of Days on the Dirt, Leah Tokelove is currently one of the top racers in UK and Indian Motorcycle ambassador. And in addition to her tuition, you'll be able to improve and learn different dirt track styles and techniques from our house instructors.

Noyes Camp's standard school program includes: Body positioning, Line selection, Breaking down track, Sliding, Vision points, Track Changing conditions, Starting techniques. Plus, we offer personalized video analysis for every student and action photos from professional photographer.

Included in the two days' fee, is the use of all facilities, our Kawasaki KLX140L, fuel, a steel shoe, complete set of gear if needed (pants, shirt, helmet, gloves, boots, knee and elbow protectors, etc), lunch, snacks, drinks and camping (if wanted). Participants will also receive a free goody bag and a diploma!


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Leah Tokelove

Lead Instructor
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Gerard Bailo

2nd Pro DTRA 2018
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Ferran Sastre

1st Rookies SP 2016
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Judit Florensa

Racer and journalist

The Bike - KLX140L

At the heart of our project is the Kawasaki KLX140L. With chassis and components inherited from the KXF450 and the best features of the competition, the 140L is the ideal bike for our courses and races. Plus, it has an electric start and 17" wheels that makes it very manageable. We have 12 bikes, and we'll be riding all day long in two groups of 10.

The Track - Rancho Canudas

El Rancho Canudas is Spain's premier purpose built flat track and is on county road BV-4132 between Gironella and Casserres. This Dirt Track paradise is in the middle of a completely rural environment, so be prepared to come cross with cows and cowboys :) It has two ovals, both replica of mythical tracks such as Daytona and Palau Sant Jordi and a TT designed by Kenny Noyes.



When and Where?

November 9th and 10th
2 Day's Course
Rancho Canudas: BV-4132 (42°01'46.5"N 1°50'55.4"E)
Capacity: 20 riders


- 2 groups with 10 riders each
- Body positioning, Line selection, Breaking down track, Sliding, Vision points, Track Changing conditions, Starting techniques, Superpole, Races...


- Bikes, fuel, use of facilities, insurance, set of gear and steel shoe (if needed)
- 4 Instructors, 100% personalized video analisis, action photos, goody bag and diploma
- Snacks, Barbeque and healthy lunch :)

Accommodation & Shuttle

We recommend to find accommodation in Berga (10min away). There are also some airbnb near the track. We can offer shuttle from the Airport to the hotel in Berga and to the track. In case you are interested, you'll find additional info in the registration form.


2 Days Course: 470€
Includes INSURANCE for both days


Find out more from DTRA → in Spanishin English.

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